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1 History of Audrain County, Missouri

farmer, and one of the energetic go-ahead citizens of Cuivre township,
is a native of Illinois, born in Madison county, December 20, 1839.
He was the youngest son of a family of four children, two sons and
two daughters, of John Heaton and wife, whose maiden name was
Rocceanna Kensler, the father a native of Pennsylvania, but the mother
originally from Virginia. They were married in Pennsylvania and
removed to Madison county, Illinois, in an early day. The father
died there in 1844. He was a substantial farmer of Madison county,
and was highly respected and esteemed as a citizen. James, the
subject of the present sketch, was brought up to habits of industry
on his father's farm and to principles of sterling integrity. Reared
to a farm life, that calling after he reached manhood, naturally
became his permanent occupation. Starting out for himself soon
afterwards, on the 30th of May, 1863, he was married, in St Louis,
Missouri, to Miss Lucinda Braden, a daughter of Isaac Braden, an
old citizen of Madison county, Ill., where Mrs. Heaton was born and
reared. Mr. Heaton continued farming in his native county, and
with substantial success, until 1871, when he removed to Missouri,
locating in Audrain county, where he bought the farm on which he
now resides. Mr. Heaton has nearly a quarter section of good land
in his homestead place and, besides, has another tract not far distant
from the home farm. Mr. Heaton is one of those industrious push-
ing men who farms with intelligence and energy and keeps every-
thing around him up in business-like shape. His home place is well
improved and is apportioned to fields, meadows and pastures to
the best advantage for general farming purposes and for stock
raising. There is a new, substantial, neatly appearing two-story
residence on his place, with a one-story ell attached, under which is
an excellent cellar. He also has a good new barn, 40x40 feet in
surface dimensions, suitable for horses, hay, grain, etc., to which is
attached a shed for other stock. His place also has a good orchard
with about 100 bearing apple trees and numerous peach, plum, and
pear trees. He likewise has an excellent variety of small fruits on
his farm. On the 3d of June, 1882, Mr. Heaton had the misfort-
une to lose his wife by death, a lady of the most amiable and devoted
qualities as a wife and mother, and who was much beloved by her
neighbors and acquaintances. She was a worthy and devout member
of the Presbyterian church, and died in the faith that the rest in the
grave will be at last broken by the dawn of a happy and eternal day.
She left her bereaved husband five children, as the most sacred pledges
of the love and devotion of a true and noble wife, namely: J. Isaac,
Sarah, Jacob, Martha B. and Rocceanna. Left with a family of
children, and being a man of an affectionate, domestic nature, Mr.
Heaton doubly felt the loss he had sustained by the death of his wife.
Still hardly a middle aged man, it was of course not sensible nor
reasonable to think of going on through the twenty or thirty years
more of his life without a wifely companion to share his home with
him, to assist in bringing up his family, and to partake of his joys and
sorrows. Accordingly, on the 30th of September, 1883, he wa
married to Mrs. Mahala, the widow of the late William Chandler, Esq.,
and a daughter of Matthew Hall, of Callaway county. This lady was
eminently worthy of the affection he bestowed upon her, that of a
true-hearted, generous-minded man, and to take the place in his
family which was made vacant by the death of his first wife. She is
a lady of singular kindness of heart, of many excellencies of character,
and of superior intelligence, and contributes her full share to make
their home a comfortable and happy one. The union was a most
proper and fortunate one. She was two children by her former
marriage: Albert and William. Mrs. Heaton is a member of the
Presbyterian church. Mr. Heaton is a worthy member of the
Patrons of Husbandry.
HEATON, James (I96)
2 Portrait and Biographical Album of Gage County, Nebraska
   JOHN G. BURGER, late a highly respected
resident and one of the most thrifty and
successful farmers of Grant Township, de-
parted this life at his home on section 6,
June 3, 1884. He was born in one of the Rhine
Provinces of Germany, June 24, 1838, being the
offspring of one of the most excellent families of
that region. His father died there in middle life,
and the mother subsequently, in 1865, came to
America with her little family, locating in Grundy
County, Ill. One of the elder sons had preceded
the family to that section two years before. They
settled upon a tract of land, and there the mother
spent the remainder of her life, her death taking
place in 1882 at the advanced age of eighty-three
years. She became the wife of Michael Burger in
their native Province.
   The subject of this sketch was the fourth son of
his parents, and accompanied his mother to the
United States, settling with her in Grundy County,
Ill. There also he was first married to Miss Marga-
retta Rainensader, who died six years later, leaving
two children, who soon followed the mother to the
silent land. In 1872 Mr. Burger was again mar-
ried in Grundy County, Ill., to Miss Minnie Huett-
ner, a native of his own Province in Germany, and
born Sept. 5, 1850. This lady came to the United
States alone when a young woman, having been
orphaned by the death of both her parents. She
possessed great resolution and industry, and main-
tained herself until her marriage. She proved in
all respects the efficient helpmate of her husband,
and since his death has carried on the operations of
the farm with extraordinarily good judgment and
   To John G. and Minnie Burger there were born
four children--Barbara M., Mary M., John G., Jr.,
and George F. The eldest is fifteen years of age,
and the youngest five. They are well developed in
body and mind, hearty, healthy and intelligent, and
there is every reason to believe will grow up an
honor to their parental training.
   Mr. and Mrs. Burger left Illinois in 1877, taking
up their abode upon 160 acres of land in Grant
Township, this county, which still remains the home
of Mrs. B. To the improvement and upbuilding
of this homestead they bent their energies, and the
estate is now one of the most desirable in its local-
ity. The death of Mr. Burger was the result of a
cancer of the stomach, from which he suffered
greatly for many months. In his character he com-
prised all the elements of a worthy and reliable citi-
zen, and in politics was a sound Republican. A
man in whom the community possessed entire con-
fidence, he has left to his family the heritage of
a good name, one of which they need never be
ashamed. Mrs. Burger and her children are mem-
bers in good standing of the Lutheran Church.
BURGER, Johann Georg (I1046)
3 Altersschwäche (weakness of old age). VATKE, Catharina Maria (I23)
4 Although Maria Margaretha (Bautz) Vogt was Lutheran, her marriage, the baptisms of her children, and her death were all recorded in the Catholic church records of Oedheim.

Her baptism, as well as many of the events from her parents, siblings and ancestors, are not found in the Oedheim records. 
5 Auszehrung (consumption). HOLTERMANN, Franz Anton (I529)
6 Baptism of Anna Elisabeth Hase. BULL, Joachim (I1)
7 Baptism of Catharina Maria Heinrike Wiegert. VATKE, Catharina Maria (I23)
8 Baptism of Eva Maria Dorothea Westphal. BULL, Joachim (I1)
9 Baptism of grandson Wilhelm Heinrich Baumann. WIRTH, Anna Catharina (I720)
10 Baptism of Joachim Christian Bull. VATKE, David Christian (I24)
11 Baptism of Joachim Christian Friedrich Vatke. VATKE, Catharina Maria (I23)
12 Baptism of Johann Christian Bull. BULL, Catharina Dorothea (I6)
13 Baptism of Maria Dorothea Vatke. VATKE, David Christian (I24)
14 Brustkrankheit (chest affection). VATKE, Maria Elisabeth Friederike (I56)
15 Endocarditis. BLOMEIER, Hermann Heinrich (I699)
16 Engbrüstigkeit (shortness of breath or asthma) VATKE, Christoph (I18)
17 Halbhüfner (farmer on a half-sized farm) BULL, Joachim Christian (I5)
18 Halbhüfner (farmer on a half-sized farm). BULL, Joachim (I1)
19 Halbhüfner (farmer on a half-sized farm). BULL, Joachim (I1)
20 Halbhüfner (farmer on a half-sized farm). BULL, Joachim (I1)
21 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, Christoph (I18)
22 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, Christoph (I18)
23 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, David Christian (I24)
24 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, David Christian (I24)
25 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, David Christian (I24)
26 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, David Christian (I24)
27 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, David Christian (I24)
28 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, David Christian (I24)
29 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, David Christian (I24)
30 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, David Christian (I24)
31 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, David Christian (I24)
32 Hauswirt (landlord). VATKE, Christian Joachim (I59)
33 Hemiplegia. KIRCHHOFF, Anna Catharina Ilsabein (I702)
34 Her name was not consistently listed in records.

1. "Anne Catharine Ilsebein Kirchhoff" - 1844 marriage
2. "Magdalena Kirchhof" - 1855 baptism of son Johann Friedrich
3. "Lena Ilsabein Kirchhoff" - 1861 baptism of son Hermann Heinrich
4. "Magdalena" - 1864 baptism of daughter Louise Caroline Wilhelmine 
KIRCHHOFF, Anna Catharina Ilsabein (I702)
35 Jakob Jochim was listed as having been from Tannberg when he married in 1655. Tannberg is a community near Lech, Austria, southeast of Lake Constance at the German-Austrian border.

In 1658, when son Christian Jochim was baptized, the record noted that Jakob was from the "Brigantini" territory - "oriundi e Brigantini territorÿ finibus." It is likely that "Brigantini" refers to one of two Latin terms: 1) Brigantinus is synonymous with the German word Bodensee, or Lake Constance; 2) Brigantia refers to the city of Bregenz on the eastern shore of Lake Constance, about 93 km northwest of Tannberg/Lech.

When Jakob Jochim died in Oedheim he was reportedly born circa 1627. The church records from Warth, Austria, a town just north of Tannberg and Lech, list a Jakob Jochum, son of Christian Jochum and Maria Hilbrand, being baptized in 1625.

Christian Jochum and Maria Hilbrand had a total of eleven children according to the Warth church records. Among their sons were two boys named Georg and Andreas. Church records from Oedheim show that a Georg Jochim (1619-1703) and Andreas Jochim (1629-1726) lived in Oedheim at the same time as Jakob Jochim. 
JOCHIM, Jakob (I235)
36 Katenmann: cottager with a small farm. WIEGERT, Johann Jacob (I12)
37 Katenmann: cottager with a small farm. WIEGERT, Johann Jacob (I12)
38 Katenmann: cottager with a small farm. WIEGERT, Johann Jacob (I12)
39 Katenmann: cottager with a small farm. WIEGERT, Johann Jacob (I12)
40 Katenmann: cottager with a small farm. WIEGERT, Johann Jacob (I12)
41 Katenmann: cottager with a small farm. WIEGERT, Johann Jacob (I12)
42 Kätner (cottager with a small farm). BULL, Joachim (I1)
43 Kätner (cottager with a small farm). BULL, Joachim (I1)
44 Last name may be Bachholz, Bucholtz, or Bucholz. [--?--], Karoline (I1011)
45 Letters of Administration granted to Isaac Gillham
on the Estate of John Heaton decd

State of Illinois
Madison County } The People of the State of Illinois To all to
Know ye That whereas John Heaton of the County of Madison and State of
Illinois died intestate, as it is made to appear, on or about the 29th day of January
A.D. 1844, having at the time of his decease, personal property in this State, which
may be lost, destroyed, or diminished in value, if speedy care be not taken of the
Same: to this end, therefore, that said property may be collected and preserved
for those who shall appear to have a legal right or interest therein: We do
hereby appoint Isaac Gillham of the County of Madison and State of Illinois,
Administrator of all and Singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits, which
were of the Said John Heaton at the time of his decease; with full power
and lawful authority to Secure and Collect the Said property and debts, wheresoever
the Same may be found in this State - And in general to do and perform all [?]
acts, which now are, or hereafter be required of him by Law.

Witness Geo. W. Prickett, Probate Justice of the Peace, in and
for the Said County of Madison, at his office in Edwardsville,
this Sixth day of February A.D. 1844.

Geo. W. Prickett, Probate Justice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Administrators Bond.

Know all men by this presents that we, Isaac Gillham & Thomas
Gillham of the County of Madison and State of Illinois, are held and
firmly bound unto the People of the State of Illinois, in the final Sum of
Seven Hundred Dollars, current money of the United States: which
payment, will and truly to be made, and performed. We, and each of us,
bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, jointly, [?]
and firmly, by then presents, Witness our hands and Seals this 6th day of
February A.D. 1844.

The condition of the above obligation in Such, that if the
Said Isaac Gillham, Administrator of all and Singular the goods and chattels
rights and credits, of John Heaton deceased, do make or cause to be made,
a true and perfect Inventory of all and Singular, the goods and chattels,
rights and credits of John Heaton deceased, to make or cause to be made a true and
perfect Inventory of all and Singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the Said
deceased: which shall come to the hand, possession or knowledge of him the Said
Isaac Gillham as Such Administrator or to the hand of any person or persons for him
and the Same Is made, do exhibit, or cause to be exhibted, in the Court of Probate, for
the Said County of Madison, agreeably to law. And Such goods and chattels,
rights and credits, do will and truly administer according to law and all the
rest of the Said goods and chattels, rights and credits which Shall be found
remaining upon the account of the Said Administrator the Same being first examined and
allowed by the Court of Probate. Shall deliver and pay to Such person or persons respecti-
vely, as may be legally entitled thereto. And further to make a just and true acc-
ount of all his actings and doings therein, when thereto required by the Said Court.
And if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and Testament was made
by the deceased, and the same be proved in Court and letters Testamentory or of
Administration obtained therein, and the Said Isaac Gillham do, in Such case,
on being required theret, render and deliver up the letters of Administration granted
to him, as aforesaid, and shall, in general, do and perform all other acts
which may be at any time be required of him by law, then this obligation to be void,
otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Approved this 6th day of Feby AD }

Isaac Gillham
Thomas Gillham

Geo W. Prickett P.J.P.  
HEATON, John (I52)
46 Magdalena was baptized as the illegitimate daughter of Katharina Schnitzer. She was also listed with the Schnitzer surname as a teenager when she, her mother and brother came to America in 1851.

A notation was later added to Magdalena's baptism record in Haßmersheim that named Josef Müller as her father. A marriage record for Magdelena's parents has so far not been found in Baden or St. Louis. 
(SCHNITZER) MÜLLER, Magdalena (I188)
47 Marriage of daughter Margaretha to Carl Heim. WIRTH, Anna Catharina (I720)
48 Master weaver (webermeister) at house 13. BAUMANN, Johann Nikolaus (I719)
49 Master weaver (webermeister) at house 14. BAUMANN, Johann Nikolaus (I719)
50 Master weaver (webermeister) at house 14. BAUMANN, Johann Nikolaus (I719)

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