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John Heaton didn't leave much of a paper trail. He first appears in 1830 when he married Rockcenna Kensler. He's mentioned in a few deeds and listed in the 1840 census, albeit with his name misspelled. And there is an 1844 probate case file. All of those events took place in Madison County, Illinois, in or near Six Mile Prairie (later known as Nameoki).

The only clue about John's origin is found in the 1884 Audrain County, Missouri, biographical sketch of his son, James. The article about James states that his father was from Pennsylvania and his mother was from Virginia. We know that Rockceanna Kensler was from Wythe County, Virginia, but nothing else is known about John Heaton.
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Christian HUHN

Maria Magdalena (Huhn) Pohl came to the United States in 1854 with her brother Christian and stepfather Conrad Greif. Christian Huhn's appearance on the passenger list is the last known record of his existence.

One would presume that Christian settled in St. Louis with his family, but no record has been found locally to confirm this theory.

Are there any descendants of Christian out there?
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