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Georg Friedrich Burger in History of Gage County, Nebraska.

   GEORGE F. BURGER.--In Section 19,
Clatonia township, George Frederick Burger
is the owner of two hundred and forty acres
of land, besides which he has a lauded estate
of four hundred and eighty acres in Clay
county, Kansas, the latter property being im-
proved with two distinct groups of farm
buildings and being under the direct manage-
ment of his sons, John A. and Carl S. Rela-
tive to the family history adequate record is
given in the sketch of George S. Burger, on
other pages of this work, and representatives
of the name have played a worthy part in
the social and industrial development of
Gage county, where the family home was es-
tablished in the pioneer days.
   George F. Burger was born in Bavaria,
Germany, April 3, 1863, a son of John L. and
Margaret M. (Rueter) Burger, and he was
two years old at the time of the family immi-
gration to America. He was reared and edu-
cated in the state of Illinois and was fourteen
years of age when he accompanied his parents
to Gage county, Nebraska. He continued to
assist in the work of the home farm until his
marriage, in 1887, and thereafter he farmed
on land rented from his father until 1890,
when he purchased a farm of one hundred
and twenty acres near his present homestead
in Clatonia township, his father having given
him one hundred and twenty acres and he
having purchased an additional one hundred
and twenty acres. When he located on his
present home farm the same had buildings
representing an investment of about five hun-
dred dollars, and since that time he has shown
his progressiveness by making the best of
permanent improvements, including the erec-
tion, in 1901, of a commodious and modern
house of nine rooms, he having expended
fully five thousand dollars in buildings and
other improvements on the place, besides hav-
ing shown equal progressiveness in the im-
proving and developing of his farm property
in Kansas, where he made his first investment
in 1907. Mr. Burger has been recognized as
a specially energetic and enterprising farmer
and has given particular attention to the rais-
ing of high-grade swine, of which he ships
an average of a carload each year.
   Mr. Burger is independent in politics, and
he and his wife are communicants of the Lu-
theran church. He is one of those vigorous
men who have made full use of the advantages
offered in connection with the development of
the natural resources of Gage county, and is
one of the substantial citizens of the county.
   April 15, 1887, Mr. Burger wedded Miss
Minnie Ulrich, who was born in Illinois,
January 20, 1867, a daughter of Charles Ul-
rich, who became a pioneer of Gage county,
other pages of this work giving interesting in-
formation concerning the Ulrich family. Of
the children of Mr. and Mrs. Burger the eld-
est is Margaret, who is the wife of John
Rehms, of Clatonia township; John A. and
Carl S. have charge of their father's exten-
sive farm property in Kansas, as previously
noted, and they have an efficient coadjutor in
the person of their younger brother Walter;
Anna is the wife of August Hinke, of Saline
county; and Herman and Edward remain at
the parental home.

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